Jessica Fairbanks Client Care Manager / Owner

What started as a part-time medical receptionist job at a durable medical company over 10 years ago turned into a love for the industry. After receiving my degree in medical billing, I landed at NuCara, which exposed me to the vast area of pharmacy. All these experiences have fueled my desire to help people stay independent in their homes.


Karla Client Care Manager

I feel privileged to be able to join this wonderful team. Since graduating from Wartburg College in 2015, I have been on a short professional journey. I have always had a passion for helping others and positively impacting lives. My passion for changing the way the world ages can be attributed to my experiences as a Certified Nursing Assistant while a student in college. As a CNA, I saw firsthand how aging changed the way of life for the elderly population. My patients would share stories of their life which often included activities they enjoyed in the past and their desire to do them again. I was very excited to be introduced to Home Care Assistance because it recognizes that despite aging each of us has a desire to live and enjoy life. The passion, empathy and overall love that this company has for the elderly population is heartwarming, and I am excited to make an impact in our community.