At-Home Care in Cedar Falls for Senior Stroke Survivors

Once a senior is stabilized following a stroke, enlisting the help of an effective recovery team is critical. This includes medical professionals, physical therapists, and in-home stroke caregivers. Professional stroke caregivers assist clients with daily activities and provide important emotional support. This level of support helps them prevent extreme fatigue, setbacks, and repeat hospitalizations and often means the journey to recovery is less complicated, faster, and more rewarding. At Home Care Assistance of Cedar Falls, IA, our caregivers are experts in assisting stroke survivors throughout recovery. Our personalized stroke care plans consider needs, preferences, and circumstances and provide the right level of support both physically and emotionally. This level of one-on-one care offers significant benefits, including reduced fatigue, increased motivation, and decreased anxiety and frustration. 
Our stroke caregivers update family members about changes in their loved one’s health and make home safer and more comfortable by helping seniors with the following tasks:

  • Meal preparation
  • Mobility assistance
  • Personal care
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Medication reminders
  • Supervision and companionship
Stroke Care Cedar Valley
Stroke Care in Cedar Valley

Reliable and Compassionate Stroke Caregivers

Sometimes it is difficult for family members to understand the changes their elderly loved ones are going through following a stroke, and they may not know how to react. The caregivers at Cedar Falls Home Care Assistance are experts in the stroke recovery process. They are trained to help seniors work through negative emotions with empathy and compassion. Caregivers are also personally matched with seniors to encourage bonding and foster meaningful relationships. This makes it easier for seniors to react positively to necessary care and gives family members time to rest and regroup while knowing their loved ones are being cared for by experts in the stroke care industry.

Stroke Care Plans Can Be Adjusted as Care Needs Change

As a senior progresses through recovery, his or her care needs may change. This might mean a care plan created immediately after hospital discharge is no longer appropriate or effective after a certain time. At Home Care Assistance in Cedar Falls, our goal is to provide beneficial care to seniors throughout every stage of recovery. Our stroke care plans can be frequently reevaluated to ensure they meet the needs of seniors and family caregivers. Additionally, our flexible scheduling makes it easy to bring in a professional stroke caregiver when you need it most. If you have a question, concern, or emergency, our Care Managers remain on call to help. Should your loved one’s care needs change, hours can be easily increased or decreased without signing a contract or being assessed a fee. 
Home Care Assistance Cedar Falls is here to help whenever you and your senior loved one need us. If your loved one is ready for discharge from the hospital following a stroke, consider the benefits our professional caregivers offer. To learn more about our nationally recognized stroke recovery programs and schedule a complimentary evaluation, call 319-260-2222 to speak with an experienced Care Manager.

Stroke Care for Seniors in Cedar Valley